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Save the Life of Mr. Tajulddin Banaga Mohammed Ahmed

Tajulddin Banaga Mohammed Ahmed

        Date of Birth: 1966

        Place of Birth:  Managil, Jezira State, Central Sudan

        Graduate of Sudan University for Sciences & Technology, Faculty of Engineering 1993.

        Contact no: ++249 12927039 or   ++249 12967899 (his brother Naji)


Ali Ahmed Al Bashir

        35 years old at time of death

        Married with 3 young children

        Popular Congress party member

       Killed on Thursday 24th May 2001

On Saturday 24th May 2003 two years will have passed since the cold-blooded murder & liquidation of Popular Congress party member Ali Ahmed Al Bashir, near his home in Khartoum North & in front of his wife & three children, by six members of the Sudanese internal security forces.

The trial of these men has been repeatedly stalled by the Sudan Security forces as well as pressure being made upon his family and widow so that the case be dropped and closed.

 These pressures have moved on to include his close circle of friends who have been called up to present their testimony in the trial. One of them is Mr. Tajulddin Banaga Mohammed Ahmed.

Mr. Tajulddin, also an active member of the Pouplar Congress  party, was a close friend & business partner of the late Ali Al Bashir. Indeed he was present when

the same group of security personnel, who later killed Ali Al Bashir, arrived at his office in the Arabic Souq area of Khartoum Wednesday 23rd May 2001 and ransacked Al Bashirs office as well as attempting to forcibly drive away Al Bashirs car.

 Mr. Tajulddin was beaten up during this event and Al Bashir was later murdered the next evening with a bullet at point blank range through his head after being beaten up & having his neck broken in front of his family.

When the trial held in Khartoum North/ Daruushab Court called upon Mr.Tajulddin for his testimony through 4 sessions he clearly explained the motives for murder in the case being that Ali Al Bashir was a member of an internal investigation committee in the attempted assassination of Egyptian President Husni Mubarak in Addis Ababa on 26th June 1995.

This committees findings were at mildest very disturbing to some high ranking officials and Ali Al Bashir had been subjected to lots of pressure on this issue: at times even substantial prepositions, which he repeatedly turned down.

This testimony led Mr. Tajulddin to be seized by security officers upon his departure from the court buildings with false accusations and charges, although he was released a few days later after being harassed.

In view of these recent events & circumstances, especially with the heightened tensions in the Sudan & a new group of Popular Congress party members being harassed & detained, we feel that there are sufficient grounds for our fear that Mr. Tajulddin Banaga Mohammed Ahmed may be targeted or even liquidated to silence him.

The Popular Congress Party writing to our organization now because its concerned about Mr. Tajulddin life for fear that he should suffer the fate of his friend Ali Al Bashir: I hereby, in the name of the Popular Congress party, request from you all assistance possible in guaranteeing that no harm afflicts Tajulddin as well as your assistance in pressing the Sudanese government that an open, swift & just trial be realized for the murderers of Ali Ahmed Al Bashir.

Dr. Ali Al Hag Mohammed

Deputy Secretary General & Political Affairs Bureau Secretary

The Popular Congress

The Sudan Human Rights Organisation request the Government of Sudan and call upon all the human rights organisations and international bodies  concerned  to :

        Work to save the life of Mr. Tajulddin Banaga and his family and friends .

        Bring the killers of Ali Ahmed Al-Bashir to  justice.

        Investigate the  violations against Human Rights in Sudan.

        Bring  the violaters of human rights to  justice.

        Take major steps to change the laws and articles that devoloped  a State Terror and human rights violations.



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